My first NPM Module

I finally got around to publishing an NPM module (Thank you Kent C Dodds!) It is pretty simple, but it  solves a problem I have had as a writer. Names! It let’s a user generate a name, an array of names with a given length, a massive list of names or a name with specific Initials.

Simply run the following.

npm i random-character-name

and you are good to go! Head to npm or github if you want to contribute!

The method list() will return a list of all random names that were generated. The method single() will return a single random name. The method startsWithLetter(f,m,l) will let you set the initials. The method numberOfNames(number) will return the requested number of names.

var rndNameGen = require(random-character-name);
//generates a large array of names 
  [‘Em Andre Vento’,
  ‘Marsiella Lester Drisko’,
  ‘Lou Charley Hoang’,
  ‘Bettye Ransell Cristabel’,
  ‘Shawnee Timothee Rigby’,
  ‘Roch Wilbur Ithnan’,
  ‘Shanta Wheeler Milicent’,
  ‘Janela Wally Marlowe’ ]
//generates a string with a random name 
//ex. ‘Donnie Reinhard Levin’ 
//generates a string with a name with requested initials 
//ex. ‘Ajay Christophorus Elset’ 
//generates an array with the number of names requested. 
[ ‘Nedi Burt Lexine’,
  ‘Cairistiona Jacobo Merl’,
  ‘Annaliese Bartolomeo Cherian’ ]