Mock Interview Backend

Experiment with hapi.js as an RESTful api framework. I really enjoyed working with it and I will probably expand this, although graphql has been drawing me to the side. Currently you can CRUD a list of interview questions. The front end that I have is currently using React. Go here to check out the sandbox version or here to see the source code.


Mock Interview Manager

This tool helped me manage a pretty busy schedule of mock interviews. It allows me to store questions with related data such as the canonical answer and roughly how long I should allow for an answer.

I can quickly add and edit questions as needed. The next steps will be adding an interview template based on a chosen set of questions. This will allow me to record the interviews for each session. Eventually there will be a self service portal so individuals can come to the site and create custom interview templates and record their own responses.




Character Name Generator

Name Generator

This is an easy to use node_module for generating names. The names to be included are held in JSON files making it very easy to extend.

How to install

$ npm install random-character-name


  • list() will return a list of all random names that were generated.
  • single() will return a single random name.
  • startsWithLetter(f,m,l) will let you set the initials.
  • numberOfNames(number) will return the requested number of names.


var rndNameGen = require('random-character-name');

//generates a large array of names
  ['Em Andre Vento',
  'Marsiella Lester Drisko',
  'Lou Charley Hoang',
  'Bettye Ransell Cristabel',
  'Shawnee Timothee Rigby',
  'Roch Wilbur Ithnan',
  'Shanta Wheeler Milicent',
  'Janela Wally Marlowe' ]


//generates a string with a random name
//ex. 'Donnie Reinhard Levin'

//generates a string with a name with requested initials
//ex. 'Ajay Christophorus Elset'

//generates an array with the number of names requested.
[ 'Nedi Burt Lexine',
  'Cairistiona Jacobo Merl',
  'Annaliese Bartolomeo Cherian' ]